5 Day Detox + Recipe Book
Nikki Sharp

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Recipe Book (2nd Edition)
Nikki Sharp

Recipe Book
Title: Recipe Book
Author: Nikki Sharp
Format: Electronic Download (PDF Format)

Are you interested in getting healthier? Are you you stuck for ideas on new recipes? Or do you have no idea where to begin your clean eating journey? Well, look no further! I have created a recipe book of my favorite recipes that are all very easy to make and will get you started feeling healthier and happier in no time.

The 5 Day Detox (3rd Edition)
Nikki Sharp

5 Day Cetox

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Title: 5 Day Detox Author: Nikki Sharp Format: Electronic Download (PDF Format)

The 5-Day Detox program created by Nikki Sharp. It is over 40 pages and includes a shopping list, all the recipes you will need for the 5 days, tons of information on detoxing, how to do it properly, what to do if you feel bad during the detox, and steps to set you up for lifelong success. The goal is to cleanse your body from the inside out with food. You are eating 4-5 meals a day of all earth based, natural foods. There are no supplements, no protein powders, and no salt or sugar. The meals are delicious and you will see amazing results if you follow it. There is a potential you will lose weight (people have lost between 5-13lbs in 5 days), but this is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed is feeling better, having more energy, sleeping better, getting clearer skin, and losing your bloat.

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